Much of the work in LegisLAB focuses on M&A and corporate law. We have extensive knowledge of these areas having represented industrial leaders, private equity funds, target companies and minority shareholders.

The clients we advise – in close and continuous cooperation with the other areas of the firm – are national and international and include major institutional and financial players, as well as multinational companies, large and medium-sized enterprises, and family businesses, which can rely on our support throughout the entire operational process, from the preparation of corporate documentation to the implementation phase.

We take on issues such as:

  • extraordinary acquisitions, mergers and demergers, including those of a transnational nature
  • assistance with internationalisation processes
  • divestment operations and restructuring of corporate groups
  • joint venture agreements and ancillary agreements
  • transactions involving the acquisition of companies or assets in the context of insolvency proceedings

We are also on hand to help companies manage their business and correctly implement their development strategies with regard to:

  • shareholders’ agreements and alternative instruments to shareholders’ agreements
  • participation in boards of directors and meetings, in particular where there are several parties and interests
  • conflicts between shareholders, challenges to company resolutions and liability actions against directors
  • transfer of shares and stock



Areas of expertise