Why LegisLAB

LegisLAB was founded in 2016 at the behest of a group of young law practitioners with a strong background in first-tier law firms who envisioned a multi-practice legal laboratory, a highly specialised “hub” to offer innovative legal solutions tailored to each client’s individual development strategy.

For whom and how

We advise companies, industrial groups from a variety of fields, investment funds, banks and private clients.  The constant presence of partners on the individual transaction and assistance in business development is what makes the relationship with clients a core element of our work. The first question we ask ourselves with each client is: “what best result can we provide for their needs?”

This is why we are working to make the laws in force a factor that accelerates business practices and not a brake.

We have offices in Milan, Turin and Rome with teams of professionals focused on each individual case and who manage even the most complex transactions efficiently and harmoniously, in Italy and abroad, thanks to a strategic network of ‘friendly’ international firms and our Paris office.

LegisLAB in Paris

Through our Paris office, we take care of companies with interests in France or operating on the French-Italian axis; structured companies, industrial groups with branches in Italy, small and medium-sized companies in the development phase and start-ups.

With decades of experience in the country and our attorneys’ in-depth knowledge of practising law in France, we focus on each case to provide legal advice on corporate, M&A, real estate, labour and litigation matters and on all other aspects that may arise, in order to facilitate clients’ development strategies and business management.