Issues involving copyright, related rights and image rights are growing in number and require specific, updated skills that can respond promptly to the client’s needs, including in court if necessary.

We have experience in television, film, publishing, photography, art, sports, music, as well as in the web and IT fields (including software and video games), so we know what we are talking about when we have to give precise answers to clients, whether they are companies or individuals active in these fields.

We provide assistance on all aspects relating to:

  • protection of original works, from development to distribution.

Transfer and acquisition of intellectual property rights, licensing agreements (for audio-visual, cinematographic, musical and literary content, software, etc.);

  • confidentiality agreements for the protection of intellectual property, defence of copyright and authors, protection of name and image rights;
  • management of issues related to copyright, related rights, free uses, image rights, audio-visual sports rights;
  • production and distribution agreements (film, music, television, etc.);
  • agreements with talent and directors, publishing agreements (music, literary etc.), DRM (digital rights management);
  • managing relations with the SIAE (Italian Copyright Agency) and SCF S.r.l. (responsible in Italy for collecting and distributing royalties for the use in public of recorded music (neighbouring rights)).


Areas of expertise