The areas concerning the protection of personal, family and property rights require a deep understanding of the issues and a high degree of sensitivity towards those involved, due to the difficulty of the issues and the emotional burden involved in these proceedings.

With a dedicated team, comprising the firm’s best skills adapted to each individual case, we provide assistance on:

  • family matters: separation and divorce proceedings, including assisted negotiations, establishment of community or separation of assets and property schemes, domestic partnership agreements
  • protection of minors: regulation of parental responsibility and its termination, taking of a surname for a natural child who is a minor and child maintenance issues
  • personal and property protection: issues of damages, civil and professional liability, medical liability, health malpractice cases and consumer protection. Personal rights (personal identity, name, image, confidentiality) and protection of vulnerable individuals (interdiction, legal disqualification, guardianship, administration of inheritance/children’s estate) and protection of assets
  • inheritance and donations: advice on all aspects of wills (appeals, waivers, administration, division of property). Indirect and spousal gifts

Areas of expertise