Negotiating and drafting an agreement requires in-depth knowledge of the sector in which that agreement is situated, a deep understanding of the client’s interests and the context in which it is located, especially when the individual agreement is part of a structured transaction.

With specialised teams, we assist companies and individuals in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements of various kinds and in relation to a broad range of fields, such as:

  • real estate, through sale and lease agreements
  • commercial, with consultancy, agency, distribution and franchising agreements, and general terms and conditions of sale for consumers
  • M&A, including business-to-business cooperation agreements, such as profit-sharing agreements, consortia, joint ventures, sale of a company or business unit and agreements in the corporate sector
  • for undertakings, through contracts for the procurement, supply and sale of movable property
  • banking, with leasing, factoring and banking agreements in general
  • intellectual property rights through software licensing agreements, licensing and assignment of rights of economic exploitation of intellectual works, licensing agreements for trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights
  • media & entertainment, with film and/or TV production and distribution agreements, publishing agreements, releases, agreements with talent and authors, sponsorship, advertising and product placement agreements.

Areas of expertise