For some time now, the Italian automotive industry has been facing significant challenges that are shaping its boundaries and scope. However, its central role is still crucial for many companies and individuals operating in this sphere of production who need assistance with a variety of issues in different areas of law.


In light of the experience gained over the years in the area with numerous companies and business owners – demanding clients who are aware of the market framework in which they operate – we have implemented a threefold approach to work:


  • offering effective and timely solutions in all cases where the client’s needs are mainly related to issues concerning the management of labour relations and labour law as a whole, including in the context of corporate reorganisation.
  • supporting the company with specific ongoing advice to identify the best business strategy and targeted assistance to meet contractual needs, corporate issues and those relating to industrial innovation and intellectual property, which are becoming increasingly common, especially when dealing with new companies focused on industrial technology.
  • providing specific advice on the most appropriate corporate and contractual arrangements to develop know-how, industrial research applications and technology studies such as innovative start-ups, network contracts and business hubs.